# 347 Virrvarr – Tangle (35/365)

Detta virrvarr av stammar, kvistar och grenar har legat här ett tag. En del ända sedan stormen Gudrun. Nyplanterade granar sticker upp, friska och fina.

This tangle of trunks and twigs has been lying here for years. I guess it started with ”Gudrun” (A disastrous great storm ten years ago that took down millions of trees in Sweden. ”She” also ended some human lives.) Newly planted trees are now thriving.





6 comments on “# 347 Virrvarr – Tangle (35/365)

    • She really was. Many people lost their whole forests supposed to be there for some more years as a retirement capital. My father was out on the roads that night and didn’t come home. Some 350 kilometres from here he was caught between falling trees, but came home the next day – in one piece. Others were not that lucky. Our own
      forest went down too. All this happened only some weeks after the great disaster in Thailand and surrounding areas – the tsunami. Compared to that, Gudrun wasn’t much…

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