# 203 Nattsudd – Late nights (in Sw. a play on words: ”Night blur”) (25/365)

Idag var en utedag med bloggvännen Viveka (My Guilty Pleasures) i Malmö. Det är fantastiskt roligt att träffas i verkligheten! Nu är det nog tredje eller fjärde gången vi ses, så vi börjar bli vana. Lite ”nattsudd” kommer här – a´ la Viveka/Ann-Christine.

Today was a day of fun with Viveka (My Guilty Pleasures) – never a dull moment…in Malmoe. Both of us are camera freaks…so here’s a lump of Late Night Blur (!) from us. (My camera…)



22 reaktioner på ”# 203 Nattsudd – Late nights (in Sw. a play on words: ”Night blur”) (25/365)

  1. Good Morning, just turned on the netbook – tanks for a fantastic day, can hardly walk today, my poor feet – how is yours. What an amazing image it turned out to be. Had a check on my during my train journey home, but not anything else. For a while I thought I had jumped on the wrong train for Helsingborg and would have taken another train back down again (not the first time) – but it stopped in Landskrona.
    Is this a new way to publish your images … by numbering them????? Sent you a mail! Thanks again for a fantastic night blur.

    • Dearest Viveka – thank you for a great yesterday! My left side toe is not friends with me today Otherwise I’m really OK and so happy we got a day together!

      I entered this challenge called 365 photos, hosted in Sweden. Thought I would try it – many Swedish bloggers do and I was inspired by a friend. It’s fun so far, but I have to publish many now before school starts…then there will be less time for it. Hopefully I’ll manage using my weeks off. There’s a logo at the bottom of my blog and the themes are below the header!

      Have a great day – and I tell you I’m still thrilled by La Raza – a gorgeous restaurant!

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