#173 Lurvig – Shaggy (5/365)

Vem är lurvig – det här var nog som gjort för mig, Totti!

10 comments on “#173 Lurvig – Shaggy (5/365)

    • He is sweet, yes! But you are lucky to have got two, and I lost my Mille last spring. Totti has not until now ”found” himself again…

      • there’s nothing worse than losing our furry family members. my bella has so enjoyed having a compatriot to get into mischief with. maybe it’s time to get him another little friend? 😉 and yet, after we lost our belle almost 5 years ago, it took us years to take in another pet. it takes time to heal the wound….


      • It does. And what’s more, my husband doesn’t want to have two dogs anymore…I guess we have to want that both of us…

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