WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow

Yellow is a very strong and happy colour, life giving and stands for intellect.  In some countries in the West, it’s representing cowardice, but in Old China it was the Emperor’s colour, the most beautiful and prestigious colour of all.

According to Wikipedia, the word ”yellow” comes from the Old English geolu, geolwe (oblique case), meaning ”yellow, yellowish”, from the  Indo-European base, gʰel-, as the word yell; gʰel- means both bright and gleaming, and to cry out.

Wearing yellow though, is not easily done for everybody – but looks stunning on people with dark or tanned skin, and preferably, dark hair. Lucky you who can shine in this beautiful colour!

To me, yellow means sun, spring and autumn. And, of course, the yellow houses in Denmark! For more of Yellow, click here.


 v.44 2011 088

53 reaktioner på ”WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow

  1. WOW! One of your best blogs ever! I knew I should save it until now and I am certainly glad I did ! The Forrest is amazing!

  2. All very beautiful, but that featured shot bathed in golden light is spectacular! I used to wear yellow when I was younger. I am wary of the colour now, except in accents 🙂

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  4. Beautiful yellow photos, Leya. Can’t pick a favourite. All of them radiate warmth. That is a bit of a spectacular sun in the first photo. And wow, that field of yellow flowers – I hope you didn’t need to wear sunglasses to look at them 😀

  5. That’s a gorgeous selection of yellow pictures! Didn’t know anything about Danish, yellow buildings. I’ve never really been to Denmark (!!!). Only Kastrup..

  6. Beautiful collection for the challenge, Ann-christine. I thought of Yellow houses (in Denmark too and in New Zealand), for this week. I think the first and last photos are by far the best. And the second last, so reminds me of driving through rural Denmark in summer 2004!! Ah!! I will savour that for a while now. Thanks for prompting a sweet memory.

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