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A perfect help with your photos you can get when Otto von Münchow  offers to help with picture critique at I sent in one of my photos that I wanted some advice about, an got a valuable, constructive and friendly answer.
Leya says:

Hej! En fin möjlighet att få hjälp – tack på förhand! Jag önskar hjälp med hur man tar en sådan här bild. Det här är ett stenbrott i Blekinge, med underbart blått vatten och vackert formad “bassän”g. Jag kan inte förstå hur jag ska ta bilden för att bli nöjd. Hoppas på dina proffstips!
Ha en fin helg önskar

  • This is an interesting picture. I am intrigued by the pond. Is it man-made or is natural? And what secrets or enigmas does it hold deep down there under the surface? There is something intangible about that deep blue pond and its surface without any ripples. Of course, the blue colour is a reflection of the sky above, which only adds a dimension to the photo. The pond feels very deep, mostly because of the steep walls or rocks leading down into the pond. The palette of the photo is mostly blue and green, which creates a cool atmosphere. To me the photo is a little bit overexposed, which is particularly noticeable in the rocks. If you had darkened the photo a bit, it would have increased the feeling of mystery by making the blues of the pond go even darker. In addition, the rocks would have gotten a more correct gray tone. I like the way you have omitted most of the sky above the pond. It’s not important, most notably because without clouds it would have been quite boring. On the other hand, I am not so sure about the open space the positioning of the pond in the lower two thirds of the left side do for the composition. It feels not quite there and somewhat off balance. At the same time this open space emphasizes the mystery of the pond because it feels like it could drop down to unlimited depths. I wonder if some silhouetted branches sticking up from the lower left corner would have help the composition without destroying the mysterious feeling. Another thought: Since this picture is all about the mystery and the pulling of a deep pond – at least for me – I might have gone back and tried to shoot the same picture at dusk or during twilight. I think that would have enhanced that feeling of ambiguity.

    • Leya says:

      Very good advice – of course, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity too. There were (unfortunately) no branches to bring into the photo, but I will certainly follow your advice about everything else. I’m glad you describe the mystery of the blue, deep water, and ways to enhance that feeling, because I was rather entranced by it.
      Thank you for letting me in!

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