Travel Theme: Freedom

Freedom…a magical word. To those who live in countries with dictators, to those who live under dictators at home, to those who are chained to their jobs, to those who…

The word freedom I think belongs to those words that never will be worn out. Partly because there are so many ways of enterpreting its inner meaning.

When I think of freedom, in my life, I would say it means freedom of thought and freedom to live some days without any ”musts”. Those days are so precious…and without doubt, they are often connected to being alone, hiking and travelling. Travelling in a mindblowing book or travelling over geographic land and sea.

I will try to picture my Freedom, and I’m grateful to Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack, for being allowed and able to. I looked through pictures I thought would give me that feeling, and my final choices were these:



Lastly, hard to admit it, but…

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  2. Fantastisk billeder, Ann- christine! I am a little green with envy for the photo of the butterfly. Perfect timing. I recently tried to do one similar, and failed miserably!! Is the second top photo taken in Scotland?

  3. Dina naturbilder är innerliga och förmedlar skönhet – och kanske längtan efter något oförstört, ursprungligt? Nummer två – var fotade du den?

    • Visst känner du mig ganska bra…Nummer två och tre är från Isle of Skye, Skottland.

      Det är till sådana platser jag flyr, om jag har möjligheten. Makes my soul soar,

  4. Stunning images and a great interpretation of freedom. Nature is freedom. Our choice to be who we are and having a choice to do what we want to do is freedom. That first shot is stunning. Marvellous blue sky 🙂

    • Feliz Navidad, to you and your town/village too, Liza! I hope you will not be disappointed when the pictures show up.
      Today there is a pale sun…the first in December. Our November had a record low of sun…Some places here down soth had only 1-5 hours on the entire month. No wonder I’m feeling low – along with many other people in Sweden.

      But Today – Sun!

    • You are so right…but I smuggled in a tiny dot along that stream in Scotland…In fact I didn’t see him until I came home and had the photos in my computer!

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