Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

Mille – Gone But Never Forgotten


His strong spirit and character – to never give up on his dreams

His kindness towards everyone – big or small, human or animal

Friends for ever – helping my children grow

Forever patient…not wanting to sit there too long…but if he felt he had to…

Min Mille

Min Mille

Being beautiful

Always on the move – Leading the way…

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28 reaktioner på ”Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to lovely Mille… You are so nice dear Leya and he was a lucky one to have you all… But you are too, Mille was great. Thanks and Love, nia

  3. Such companions are with us too short a time Leya . Mille I know from your posts was certainly a most lovable and cherished family member x

    • He’s so worthy of it. Animals are good not only for helping children to be sensitive and caring (as well as developing their feeling of responsibilty.), but also scientific results show that we might prevent allergies as well.

      Have a great weekend all of you!

  4. Thanks for sharing Millie with us again. He looks like a loving and caring companion, always there for everyone in the family when they needed him. I am sure he will always be there with you all in spirit 🙂

    • He will. I just got a mail from a ”dog” friend of mine (only met her on the net) who always send pictures of her three companions. Last month she sadly lost the oldest one. Yesterday she sent a mail that another of her companions had died – silently went to sleep only. He couldn’t get over the loss of his friend, and decided to go to him on his own. Sad, but I know things like that happen with humans too. Old couples. When one of them dies, the other often follows not too long after.

      • That is sad. It’s almost as if our souls are intertwined with one another. It’s always hard to get over losing something or someone when they’ve been by our side for as long as we can remember. I am sure you have lots more photos of Millie – he certainly will not be forgotten.

    • Thank you, yes, It’s still hard to think of him without an aching heart. The children grew up with him and his loving tolerance and patience taught them about life. Precious.

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