Travel Theme: Autumn

Autumn is here, and most of the colours are gone. Bright flowers still during daytime but at night, in lamplight, the trees are still golden.

More autumn is to be found at Ailsa’s!

30 comments on “Travel Theme: Autumn

      • Well, some may think that, but not to me. Summer is endless and hard to take, as the sun is so strong, all the colour is bleached out of nature, and a hazy steamy humidity fills the air, making me feel extremely lethargic. Nice weather for swimming at the beach, but you do have to be so careful of sunburn. I much prefer the cool and autumn shades are pretty close to my favourite.

  1. Lovely golden tints in the lamplight Ann Christine .
    Still waiting for a blaze … it seems here late somehow this year …
    Your Rome trip sounds GOOD 🙂

    • Thank you, Poppy – Rome was really good. Weather and people and food…and of course art, buildings and ….well – simply everything about Rome is fantastic.

  2. The way the trees have been trained to grow over the path and over the bridge is WONDERFUL, and so are those rush baskets that are planted with flowers. You Swedes ceratinly know how to make your place nice ! 🙂

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