A sunny walk through Gdansk

Last weekend we spent in Gdansk, Poland. We went by ferry from Karlskrona to Gdynia, and then by taxi and train to and from Gdansk and Sopot. I had a gloomy vision of Poland since my school days – coal, polluted, misty, drab…and no one could convince me of anything else. I had to see it with my own eyes….And, I was met by lovely people (not that good English speakers, but there are hands, feet, body and face to use!), a wonderfully restored city and a glorious resort in Sopot.

Early morning mist and we woke up to this wiew of the harbour. Looking out through the window, the big cranes were sailing by…

….behind the containers, the city itself was rising from the morning mist.

The King walked this way when he had received the key to the city.  Dluga – or the Long Street. It is difficult to understand how all these magnificent buildings all were rebuilt from the disasters of WWII.

Passing the Town Hall, which is the highest building in the city – 81 metres – we reached the fountain of Neptune. But first, let’s take a closer look at some of the architecture.

Oh, the doors and their ornaments…

…and all the old and new signs and lamp posts, intricately woven in iron.

Many old ladies were selling their home made knittings – among many other things…in the street.

And the colours were amazing – on houses and people and clothes and …


This fountain, built in 1549, was so popular with the citizens that they took it down piece by piece to hide it during the war. Not until 1954 was it put together again!

And now, the mighty Neptune himself guided us to…

…the Waterfront. Restaurants, cafés and people, people. More from the beauty, the people and the ships on the Waterfront in the next post!

28 reaktioner på ”A sunny walk through Gdansk

  1. Stunning, stunning … stunning. What a fantastic weather you had … that blue sky. Your post has really done Gdansk justice. Amazing images and so you.

  2. You know Leya, i have the same feeling about Poland, having grown up in the Czech Republic and seen it thru an early childhood filter of communism. So good to see. Such a beautiful place. Hooray for spirited people and for freedom. 😀

    • Yes, hooray for them all! It’s interesting how we feel or think about things we’ve once heard or been taught. Luckily the remedy is seeing the thing with your own eyes!

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