Travel theme: Meeting Places

Ailsa’s Meeting Places is a real treat – now we can find places to meet in reality – and virtually – all over the world!


16 reaktioner på ”Travel theme: Meeting Places

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  2. The Harry Potter thing is really astonishing … Rowling managed to get inside the heads of not only kids, but adults, too: I listened to them all as audiobooks (read by Stephen Fry), and simply loved them. I can’t see this happening again … a bit like The Beatles, you know ?

    • I agree, totally. She was on the spot then – and is still now. They are already modern classics. I read the first book in Swedish when it was released…and didn’t think much of it…Then I reread it in English – and what a difference! I loved it! Translators can really destroy a book or enhance it, but they should try to keep the author’s voice. A translator MUST live inside the book and the story to get the feeling.

      • Oh, I tried once, but that’s quite tough. You have to put your heart and soul into it- or leave it to someone else. I wanted to be a translator when I was young. In fact I’m thinking of maybe taking it up when I’m retired…which I plan to be within three years (if it works, within one year only….).

  3. So little space for any new comments !
    Great take on the challenge Ann Christine . Did you try the Elephant Chair ??

    • I could not see anything about that, but I was told in advance what awaited me on the toilets – some wrote whole essays about how much her books had meant when they grew up.
      This is a cafe’ always filled with both young and old people! And their cakes and cookies were absolutely delicious.

  4. Very creative take on this challenge, Leya. So many ways we can meet someone. Love your first shot – meeting someone through a scribble on the wall. Good meeting you here 🙂

    • It’s rather interesting, isn’t it – what the concept of ”meet” has come to over the years.Good meeting you too. I’ve been away where there is no internet, so I guess I’m lost ,a bit…

      • You’re right. We ”meet” celebrities by stalking them online. We ”meet” people that inspire us by, say, reading their books or admiring their works of art. Then we also ”meet” people online. That’s good to hear you were lost – you must’ve have enjoyed your trip heaps, Leya 🙂

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