Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Contrasts – impossible…couldn’t stop myself here…There are so many possibilities so it had to be a gallery. Some of them I have used before, but they work together as well! For more contrasts, click here.

39 reaktioner på ”Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

  1. I have really missed your blog! Finally catching up. Tell me please about the wonderful glacier photograph. It’s contrast to the rocks is amazing. You should sell it!

  2. A-C, you got it all … right again – I struggled for this one, so I didn’t enter. Looked through all my files and nothing that I could use. My favorite is the two dogs of course. By the way I have one pen for your phone. Will phone you for the address.

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  4. Leya, they’re all lovely but my favorites are the ones on the top right and the bottom! The perspective on the top one is great and the last is amazing, particulary the reflection.


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