Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with edges

Cee asks us for things with edges – these are pieces of edginess! The petroglyphs, or rock engravings, in Vitlycke are from 1000 – 500 BC. Ships, love and magic. We visited with the class in May.

People went to sea and they portrayed their grand ships. We went to sea as well, and at sea we found even more edgy creatures. Starfish and corals.

19 reaktioner på ”Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with edges

  1. A-C, you are really thinking outside the box here – great choice for the challenge. Sound like a old record now. *smile – I’m old .. very old. *smile
    The last image is magical!!!

  2. They did portray their grand ships – and some of their less public activities (can’t quite get my head around the genitalia there) ! 😀

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