Thank you, Mille

I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to say. Who would think this was one of the last photos of you, my Mille? My Iron Man. My friend and my faithful companion for twelve years. My heart is aching with every beat and my thoughts are only with you. All is tears and sorrow. But you went home in my arms, surrounded by your family.

You came to us May 9, 2002 and left us May 9, 2014. Isn’t that strange. I feel so very empty. Dried out. My boy is gone.  Gone but yet never…gone. You will live for ever with us – a true and remarkable friend will never be forgotten. I know you are running free over ever green meadows and into an enchanted forest clad in cones for you to chase, and there will be a sea waiting for you at the end of the trees, where you will catch enchanted bubbles the whole summer.

Thank you, Mille, for being with us for twelve enchanted years. You will live for ever in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Mille – April 2014



60 reaktioner på ”Thank you, Mille

  1. Oh this is too sad for words. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. What a beautiful goodbye to a wonderful boy, and the photo has a wonderful expression in his eyes. Goodbye Mille Xx

  2. Oh my God!! Whatever happened! I am so very sorry for your loss Ann Christine! I cannot begin to imagine how bereft you must be feeling. Love and hugs.

    • Oh, Madhu, I’m devastated even though I know the decision was right. He fell ill so suddenly, and was severely ill. Pancreatitis and diabetes, fever and he couldn’t walk the last days. We didn’t want him to suffer and be submitted to injections for ever. He was so tired of treatment in hospitals. My love had to rest, and he went home resting in my arms. Those warm brown eyes were clear and bright to the end.

  3. Åh…..nej……:'(
    Lille chokladhunden ♥

    Kram från oss…tänker på er. Förstår att det känns svårt.
    Härliga minnen och fina bilder gör att han på något sätt ändå kommer att vara en del av er ♥

  4. Fick tårar i ögat när jag läste att Mille lämnat er. Jag känner med er. Det är tufft när de inte längre finns hos en. En fyrbent familjemedlem som betyder så mycket. Styrkekram

  5. Oh my Ann-Christine, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Mille. A love of your life, for sure ~ such a beautiful companion. I’m very sorry and know that you and your family are in my thoughts. What wonderful memories you have from all these years ~

    • Mary – he was my boy, my companion, my love. Many fine memories I have, and I have been looking through so many pictures – crying and remembering him.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear of Mille’s passing. I hope he rests in peace. You must have tons of photos and memories of him, so he’s never truly gone. He sounds like he was a very good soul who lived a long and fruitful life *hugs*

  7. Such sadness Ann-Christine, and such wonder that we are able to experience such deep and loving bonds with our canine friends. I have loved getting to know Mille. That last picture was adorable/soulful/huggable. Hugs to you all.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. So sorry. May you be comforted in the times ahead by your memories of the great love and joy he brought into your life for many years! Wishing you peace, my friend.

  9. So very sorry Mille has gone, but thank you for sharing his love and exuberance with us through your posts, he has touched many of us from afar and we remember him with love too ❤

    • Such loving words – thank you so much. I’m not feeling really well right now, but know it was the right decision to let him go now.

  10. Oh, Ann-Christine … I am so sorry. So dreadfully sorry … I know how much you loved those two; and now you have just one. I do weep for your grief, truly. But, like you, I don’t know what else to say. Life is so unfair to our animal children, taking them so soon from our loving arms.

    • True. Unfair. Our love for them is so strong – and we get to know each other so well. Twelve years is a very long time. We were growing old together and understood each other perfectly. But it was right to let him go now when he was suffering.

  11. Så fint skrivet … Och en underbart fin sista bild av Mille …
    Jag hade så önskat att jag hade hunnit få träffa honom … Han och Yarri är lika på det viset att de har överlevt en massa sjukdomar …

    Du gav Mille den finaste gåva man kan ge sin fyrfota vän … Att slippa plågas när det inte längre finns någon bättring …
    Och ett så fint avsked för er alla … Det är stort …

    Många kramar till er från mig och Yarri … // Maria

  12. I’m so sad, Mille was such a lovely, sweet dog. My sweet Macken left me last April, I’m still in tears when I think of her… Take care, Leya. ❤

    • I’m glad you got to know him a bit too…he was very special. I have never seen a dog catching bubbles every day for one month every summer. Standing in the water all day and entertaining people on the beach. This will be a strange summer and many people wondering where he is.

    • Ja, Lena. Det här är mycket svårt. Även om man vet att det var rätt att låta honom gå så kom det väldigt snabbt. Allt gick på en och en halv vecka. Men han fick ett fint och värdigt slut. Hans aska ska delas på sommarvattnet där han fiskat bubblor varje sommar och på oss här hemma där han ska vila med de andra två vännerna som sprungit vidare på de gröna ängarna.

  13. What a sweet looking dog. He is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are so important in our lives, and they are each unique, irreplaceable, as are our human friends.

  14. So sorry to hear of your loss. Pets are so much part of ones family that it’s always hard when it’s their time to go. I’m sure you have many happy memories that you will appreciate in time.
    Alison x

    • Alison, thank you so much. You know, I can see that. He was my boy and a strong and tough one to the end. Everything went very fast and it’s difficult to understand how. It was the right decision to let him go – but so hard.

  15. Usch vad ledsen jag blir för er skull!….vet hur de känns och man vet knappt hur man ska ta sig igenom dagarna, man går som i en dvala…styrkekramar till dig och de dina! ❤

    • Precis så är det. Tack, Kicki, jag har ju följt er så jag vet lite vad ni gått igenom. Det är alltid fruktansvärt även om man vet att beslutet är rätt och allt blir fint för vännen.

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