One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: Hornborgasjön

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I had been dreaming of Hornborgasjön since I was a teenager – being an avid bird watcher for years. But somehow we never went. Spring is a busy time of the year and Hornborgasjön is situated in the middle of nowhere. Finally, I got to see it. Thanks to my son moving to and studying in Skövde, some kilometres from this famous lake.

Parking our car – we heard them clearly – the cranes.
Walking towards the lake was a dream. The sound of the cranes was not as dominating as I thought it would be. The graceful birds were thrown out in a string of pearls along the water pools.


And more cranes were flying in …
A breathtaking 19 800 cranes were there this sunny day. Together with…


ornithologists and photographers…
…and of course children! Playing quietly when bird watching got tiresome…
I never got tired of course. Fascinating birds in a beautiful environment on a delightful morning – what more could I ask for?
Five o’clock the next morning we were back to see the birds flying in, from their safe resting places out in the lake, to have breakfast with us.


For more of my pictures, a closer view and more information about the graceful cranes and Hornborgasjön, click here.




20 comments on “One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: Hornborgasjön

  1. […] The cranes used to rest in this place going north because of leftover potatoes from the farms. The potatoes were used in liquor factories, but they closed a long time ago. Today the nature managment is feeding the birds with barley, actually tons of it, since the birds get about 300 grams each every day. Markus Ekman (above) are one of the volunteers, and the buckets are not for the main bird population but for people who are going to spend the night in photo hides, to get close to the birds in the morning. Otherwise the birds feed is distributed by specially designed tractors. By the way, there are a lot of cranes at the lake just now, I checked the statistics, and on 25 September there was 10.840 cranes there. They are counted every other day in the season. There are more photos in my Hornborgasjön photo gallery. And if you missed my other post on the cranes, here is a link. I also made a short post in April, just after visitinmg Hornborgasjön, and here is that link. And I can recommend this post by my blogging friend Leya, she was there at about the same time as me and here is her post. […]

    • Thank you, Suzanne – it was indeed magnificent. Maybe I’ll return some day…but on the other hand, nothing compares to the first time. And with that weather too.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I recaught the birding bug during some extended travel last year, and this is something I would love to experience.

  3. Thanks for bringing me along .. it must have been amazing, I have wanted to go for years too. So glad where able to go back. And I really like too how you describe the birds like pearls. Beautiful, but you’re a beautiful soul.
    Fantastic images …

  4. That, is such a blue river and blue sky. Such a feast for your eyes. The river especially looks so blue it looks as if it’s fake and someone poured a bucket of sky blue paint into it 🙂

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