Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Threshold is the WordPress challenge this week – and the concept might be interpreted in several different ways. I have chosen the thought of walking through an open door into another world.

Tibet and the Sera monastery – the threshold to the debating courtyard where monks are training and enhancing their knowledge of the scriptures and how to interpret them. The debating is fairly lively and very entertaining to watch.

This open door signifies the threshold to the basilica of la Sagrada Família in Barcelona. A room of contemplation and spiritual enlightenment.

34 reaktioner på ”Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

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  2. Monks in engaged in fairly lively debate … yes … would be interesting I’m sure !
    Lovely way to interpret the theme Ann Christine .

    • Poppy, I loved watching them! We stayed for more than an hour to see them debating. Standing up and arguing loudly, but still with respect. Young and old together. I had only seen it once on TV before. Fantastic to be there watching them live. Such a pity I couldn’t understand their arguments!

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  6. Lovely thresholds. Your photos make me realise how little attention I usually pay to my going out and coming in; thresholds need more thought and contemplation.

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  8. Remarkable shots! Gorgeous colors and details of the Sera monastery. Love to see inside of the spiritual enlightenment room, WoW!

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