Vårkul – Spring fun!

Hundarna är som galna. Den gamle, Mille, fyllde 12 den 13 mars men beter sig som en yngling. Den lille, Totti, som snart fyller 6, beter sig lika tokigt. Vår i luften!

Spring is in the air! Mille and Totti are crazy with joy, they play and run and fight…they definately don’t want to stay indoors…Mille turned 12 the other day – but no sign of age there…maybe a tiny bit more tired in the mornings, but fiery outdoors as usual. Totti is more modest, but extremely playful  when Spring feelings hit him!

24 reaktioner på ”Vårkul – Spring fun!

  1. Here it’s getting colder now! Autumn is really upon us. I love the way animals enjoy themselves when the weather gets better to be outside and play like crazy. 😀

  2. There hasn’t been much fooling around in the snow this winter …. Yes, spring does something to us all … two legs, four legs … no legs … wings and no wings.

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