One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: Östersund and Maria

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I should have gone before Christmas, but a storm closed down all transportation in the southern part of Sweden. My flight was cancelled only a couple of hours before take-off. I was finally going to meet one of my blogger friends, Maria, living in Östersund up north, and I can’t say how disappointed I was. And Maria too. We had been planning this for about half a year, and we both laughed in the phone at the disaster …there was nothing else we could do…

I had to book another flight – not until February was it possible for us to meet. I was looking forward to a lot of winter, snow and fabulous walks on their big lake, Storsjön. The trip turned out to be … something quite different, but maybe not less wonderful!

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And MariaYarri who is the true source of Jämtland pictures and stories!

img_4934 Once a month challenge

28 reaktioner på ”One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: Östersund and Maria

  1. This one wasn’t a surprise – at least not the destination. *smile Fantastic gallery – what a host … robe and slippers. Wonderful. So glad you finally got away. You got your winter – I have missed mine.
    I think it’s time .. for us to do a journey into friendly Denmark soon again. Oscar needs some international experience. *smile

    • Thank you, Sylvia. Maria lives in a magical part of Sweden, indeed. And she is a fantastic woman. Not to forget Yarri of course, who is the most fantastic drever guy I know!

  2. What a shame that your trip had to be cancelled, but how fantastic that you got to meet up with Maria. I LOVE meeting up with other bloggers. I bet you had such fun!!

    Thanks for telling us about your trip…. I’ll hop over to Maria’s blog and take a look! 🙂

  3. Vilken bra sammanfattning av din resa hit upp … Bilden med Viggo och hans matte som halkar sig fram med spark är superbra … Liksom den i år misserabla Vinterparken som lyckades regna bort denna helg …

    Kommer aldrig att glömma vare sig denna vinter eller ditt besök här … // Maria 🙂

    • Jo…här står intrycken som spön i backen…Synd med snön för er del, men jag njöt i alla fall och glömmer aldrig denna resa!

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