Travel theme: Work

Work – what do I think of when I think of working? At Where’s My Backpack ? Ailsa wants us to show how we think. For me, I guess much of it is about hard work with your hands, but also work together with animals. We will never manage without their help, even if technology is taking over…other values are at stake here…

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    • It was. I was worrying all the time how the cutting would go in the end…nothing protecting hands or fingers – we saw people who had lost one or two fingers.

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  2. Love the photo of the Tibetan carpet. I have one I treasure on my wall at home. It was a wonderful souvenir from a trip to Nepal (tibetan refugee centre) way back in 1986. A diverse variety of pictures depciting work. Well done!

  3. Such SUPER pictures, Ann-Christine! please, tell me about the man with the huge bird (eagle?) in his garden! I love, too, the horse slowly ambling around with the lawn-cutter; everyone is enjoying himself, I think. 🙂 And I must mention that beautiful piece of cloth – breathtaking!

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