Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Empty

I feel very at home in an empty church. I feel the most protected. It’s very mystical.
Jean Dujardin
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25 reaktioner på ”Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Empty

  1. Stunning photo … A-C, you know my view on religon, but its sad that our churches are empty. But on the other hand we don’t have to go to a church to connect with God. I personal would find it a lot more easy to connect with him .. out in nature.

    • You know I agree. Nature is everything to me – it gives me what I need and want. But, churches arer good places for contemplation too. Especially La Sagrada Familia!

      • Personal I have very mixed feeling about churches … but I suppose they have a purpose. Some churches I feel at home in … but most I don’t. La Sagrada Familia – I’m so looking forward to visit.
        The new Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirch in Berlin is one of the most beautiful churches I have been inside …

  2. It is really beautiful and peaceful, Ann Christine – the combination of the photo and the quote you have chosen. There is something about empty churches…yes, very mystical and very…personal at the same time. An experience that is not shared with anybody else and truly appreciated.

  3. Lovely shot, Ese…great minds and all that, I have used the same quote… I like the tranquility of empty churches, and usually seek them out on visits to new places. I love the different styles of architecture.

    • Me too. Here in Sweden people seldom visit the church . But I think when people go abroad, they visit churches there because they like it. Architecture and maybe the peaceful atmosphere.

  4. Beautiful shot! I love spending time in empty churches. Hard to find empty temples here 🙂 I don’t have any beef with religion as such. It is the bigoted interpretations of religion that bothers me.

  5. Kyrkor … Ännu ett intresse som vi delar … Finns inget så rogivande som att gå in i en kyrka och bara få sitta ner en stund eller se på dess arkitektur …

    För väderkännedom … Natten mot Söndag spöregnade det … I morse vräkte blötsnön ner … Och nu åter igen tö …
    Stackars de som gjort alla isskulpturer nere vid Storsjön som praktiskt taget rinner bort … // Maria 🙂

    • Jo…jag följer väderutvecklingen med stigande oro…och förundran. Hur är det möjligt? Fortfarande verkar det dock som om lite kallare väder ska komma och fredag 10 cm snö. I helgen uppehåll. HOPPAS.

  6. I don’t know that churches are MEANT to be empty, Ann-Christine: but these days I think many people find it hard to maintain their faith when so many terrible things are going on all over the world … Myself, I’ve been an atheist for 50 years. Not a proselytizing one, though.

    • It’s interesting – religion. It has caused so much hate and killing, but also so much love and security. I think we all need something to believe in – each person has his or her own thing I think…In today’s society money is God.

      I always find peace in churches, and especially if they are empty. When it comes to my heart and my feelings – I am a buddhist.

      • I too find there to be appeal in Buddhism … but I don’t know if it can really be termed ‘religion’: seems to me it’s more like a personal philosophy …

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