Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

There is only one choice – or two. My greatest Treasures are my children. Nothing compares to them in my life. So much fun and happy times, so much laughter and so much Love. Thank you for being here and being you.

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      • I just LOVE seeing children happy and well-balanced and obviously loving their parents: the world is full of parents who are unable to raise them with that result.
        Complimenti, bella!

      • You are so nice! Thank you – I am so proud of them. I hope every parent works in that direction – to help their children grow up to be good, warm hearted and happy! Parents can only try their best. Some luck is needed too.

      • I know my husband and I would have been hopeless parents; so we didn’t make the attempt. Thank all the gods that there are people around like you.

      • I don’t believe you… you sound so smart and funny – I think you might have made brilliant parents. I know others who chose not to, but they contribute by being excellent role models when dealing with young people. I bet you are too!

      • The thing is, Leya, that we were both fourth children, Stringer and I; and for some reason neither of us ever had the faintest wish to produce our own. Yes,I’m good with kids; but only because they’re not my responsibility!
        Btw: Chic was MUCH FUNNIER than I – he had me in fits of laughter most of the time. You should read my book: bet you’d enjoy it.

      • 😉 I’m sure I would! I’ll start reading again when I’m retired – Nowadays I only read for work. ..that’s the only thing I can manage!

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    • Maria, deras humor räddar mig när jag är deppig och deras skratt när de är hemma lyfter hela huset. Mina gossar älskar också när de är hemma. Och, gossarna kommer naturligtvis inte långt efter i skattning…

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