Travel theme: Yellow

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is all about Yellow!


53 comments on “Travel theme: Yellow

  1. Fantastiskt vackra bilder …Även om jag är lite kluven till denna färg … I vart fall om den ska sitta på mig …
    Men på byggnader och natur är den helt ok ! … // Maria 😉

      • Most certainly!
        Hope you are feeling better today – not that much sun perhaps…but my daughter tells me (so that I MUST hear it) how much more sun they’ve had in Malmoe than here…

      • A-C, I can hardly spell to Sun anymore .. never seen anything like it. No wonder we all feel under the weather.
        I slept well during the night .. and slept long today. Still tired, but feeling better. Can’t wait until Tuesday when I have the chance to moan at the Oncology in Lund. *smile

      • Well – moan along. We all need that, don’t we. Personally I think it helps when things are bad. In your case you also have Reason for it. And they are paid to listen, ha ha. Not much fun about it, really, but you are the most marvellous lady. Keep ‘em at it, those doctors…!

      • Yes, I will .. got a time to meet up with the specialist in Lund too 3rd March. The medicine he has given me helps a bit. There is days I’m desperate – and I know I will break down tomorrow when I talk to the doctor in Lund, because this is really a problem for me .. the pain is sometimes unbearable. You know, I never moaned during my cancer treatment, this on a total different level.

      • But, I guess you have nice doctors who really listen as they should. I don’t mean to complain about them…only once has someone in our family had a bad experience of a doctor. Otherwise only good. Maybe they have more of psychology studying nowadays.

      • The doctors I had on Ontology are outstanding, but then they changed things around and I was moved over into the maternity ward’s care for all my checkups – and it does work. So through my moaning to everyone – somebody has contacted Ontology and they want to meet with me again. So happy to see my old doctor again *smile The worst thing they could do to send us outpatients to KK. But it’s now nearly 3,5 years since my treatment was done, so I’m not on the priority list anymore – at least not with KK.
        A-C, thanks for listening and for your concern.

    • Agree. A pity that beautiful colour and my colours don’t agree…It might look just fabulous on you, though! It looks like you have got the right colours for it.

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