Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 steps or less and take new photos

This I have never tried before – taking photos almost where I stand right now. 100 steps, I think this  little tour was about… 40? But, tonight there is a blizzard and I hear it roaring. When I had walked the dogs, about 6 pm, I’d had enough and stayed inside. So, indoor photos then – and only a quick look outdoors …

Tiger lily standing proudly in my window. It’s always in flower this time of the year.

It’s getting dark, so I turn on the lights in my other rooms. But, the days have grown longer and light is still lingering when I’m back from work.

Now I’m going to open the door to our garden – the wind should be hiding behind the house today if my calculations are right…

No walking on the roof today though… Last time we lit the fire for a cosy evening, the smoke sneaked in instead of out. The ladder was left there just in case…

29 reaktioner på ”Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 steps or less and take new photos

  1. Stunning photography in this post. But 100 steps would be a mighty challenge in a blizzard. Do I remember you were wishing for snow? 😛 Still, it has not stopped you with coming up with fantastic shots!

  2. I love the atmospheric warm and cosy look you have achieved with these photos Leya, I can almost imagine the cold and wind outside. This sounds an interesting challenge I have not come across it before.

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  4. Love your cosy book corner ! I can hear you are enjoying that little bit of extra lightness on the way homewards now Ann-Christine , it sort of sneaks up one doesn’t it …

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