Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition är ett roligt ord, nästan onomatopoetiskt eller ljudhärmande, om du upprepar det några gånger…I Madrid hittade jag ett flertal exempel på sådana kombinationer av levande eller döda ting som befinner sig intill varandra och medvetet eller omedvetet bildar kontraster. Några fler, och bättre, finns i ett tidigare inlägg, här i the green wall.

Idag har jag valt fyra andra exempel. Det första sida vid sida, det andra ovanpå varandra, det tredje omringande varandra och i det sista exemplet klänger de sig fast vid varandra…

Juxtaposition is a funny word, and it sounds almost onomatopoetic when you pronounce it a couple of times…In Madrid I caught some of them…the juxtapositions. I know I used the green wall in an older post with (more and better than these…I won a competition with that one) juxtapositions, but this time I have picked another four examples. They do stand in contrast, the first one side by side, the second one on top of the other, then almost surrounding each other, and in the last picture they are clinging to one another.

Somehow it’s easy to find buildings and architecture showing this, but of course you find it everywhere if you just take a look around…Find more of juxtapositioning here!

Side by side

On top of each other

Side by side and surrounding

Clinging to…

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    • I really don’t think so. Of course they might be, but I guess they are more of more sustainable material. But, it would have been great to have real ones just outside your window up there.

  3. Great post! OK! You got me with ”onomatopoetic” I had to look it up actually! I would love to sit on the roof in that little glass cupola !

  4. Interesting and really beautiful entries! I am the most drawn to the first one – there’ s some very original ”dance” happening in between the shapes there (in my imagination, of course!) 🙂

  5. Wow, great choices for the challenge – I can’t get my head around this one .. and I don’t have a clue where to look neither in all my folders. I never heard the word before neither. A Very creative post, A-C. I can see it’s a very playful subject this week

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