I have an issue with smartphones

Try being without this device…then you will know the extent of your own addictiveness…

An Activist Abroad

This is the second in a series of posts in which I express my latest gripe. The debut complaint was about my disdain for selfies. As the title of this post suggests, yet again, modern technology and people’s misuse of smartphones play a central role in my lament. I will keep it short, won’t provide an array of scenic photographs but will hopefully feel a sense of relief after the cathartic exercise of sharing my thoughts with the willing.

Now, I am aware that the smartphone is an essential piece of kit for many people, especially those working fervently, on the move. It eases people’s lives through assisting in swift communication, the sharing of files, documents and all those sensible things that the employed regularly do. However, there are many of you, and I say you, as I don’t own a smartphone, that seem to have completely forgotten the art…

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4 comments on “I have an issue with smartphones

  1. oh i totally hear you on this. i cannot stand the addiction people have to being constantly online. a colleague was shocked today to find out that i deactivated my facebook account six months ago. ”but what do you do??? dont you get bored?” he asked me. umm… i have a life. it never fails to amaze me how much people become obsessed with technology these days and forget to live real lives.

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