Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Music

Music is an important part of our lives – and Music is also Ese’s challenge this week. Young people today have music plugged in their ears all day it seems…which would be a bit too much for me… I love silence.

I do love silence, but I also love almost all kinds of music, from bird song to heavy metal. I have a sweet tooth for music coming up spontaneously among people, for big voices like Freddie Mercury’s and tenors as Andrea Bocelli’s, for clear and soaring ones like Mireille Mathieu’s and Sara Brightman’s – and  also for odd instruments.

Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.

John Lennon

24 reaktioner på ”Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Music

  1. Love you sweet tooth …. and your gallery, but heavy metal I leave to the professionals.
    Music blastering in the ears the whole days … means mayor hearing problem in 30 years time. I love music in my ears while travelling.

    • He, he, well – my love for the ”heavier” genres is mostly concerning my favourite band: Kamelot. They are American based but use to have the most magnificent Norwegian singer. Just listen to his voice and ……….you are lost. His name is Roy Khan. Unfortunately he left the band a couple of years ago and – if I’m correctly informed – is back in Norway with his family. I’ve listened to the band after that—but no one can replace him…

  2. What a lovely collection, the whole range from raw folk music to a highly polished west end show!
    Like you I love the sounds of nature and the wind, and also a wide range from opera to heavy metal….and lots of Beetles music in the middle!
    I’m very lucky to have a guitar playing husband, so get treated to live music and song often 🙂

    • 😉 Jag klarar inte den mörkaste heavy metal, men kan annars lyssna på det mesta. jag älskar numera Monica z – och efter filmen ännu mer. Jazz och blues kom till mig först som vuxen. Gillade inte alls det som ung. Det har väl med mognad att göra.

  3. Dear Leya,
    We like your combination of the pictures, so lively.
    All the best and have a fine week
    The Fabulous Four
    (sorry, for me it is much easier writing English)

      • Dear Leya,
        no problem at all, our Master understands Swedish pretty well (but cannot write it), and Dina as a Norwegian has no problems with understanding Swedish.
        It`s GREAT that you write in Swedish, well, it`s a blog about the North …
        All the best from the wild sea
        Hej da (sorry I have no a with the the other a above it as a circle)

  4. Great spread! I miss a lot of the street music in Madrid. We have a large and varied music scene in the Albuquerque area, but there is not as many street musicians — especially good street musicians in the Albuquerque area.

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