Travel theme: Possibility

There’s always a possibility that we finally will have some snow this winter…

It would slow Totti down a bit…

…so I can outrun him!

For more and other possibilities, go to Ailsa’s place!

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    • Yes, I guess you’re right…heading for April then! This morning they had promised sunshine between 9am and 3pm, so I went out with two pairs of boots and two cameras and a bellyfull of nourishing brreakfast. I got…less than 3 minutes of sun during the three hours I was walking. hopefully I made good use of them…I will load up the photos this evening. Just have to make dinner for me and my two youngsters. Hope you are feeling a bit better today!

      • A-C, I have a better day today … not so sore – and the sun is shining here now … been to CityGross, can live on blogging only *smile.
        I would have loved to join you for a 3 hours walk in company with the boys and the camera. Looking forwards to your captures. Dinner .. for once I’m going to have a small beef steak – don’t happen very often, but I’m craving for it today. See you later.

  3. Surely it must come soon ! Such exhilaration in Totti bowling along there in the snow Ann-Christine I hope he managed to put his paw brakes on in time 😉

  4. Antar att detta är bilder från förra årets vinter ? … För inte har ni väl sådär mycket snö nu ? …
    Hur som så älskar jag dina krulltottar … // Maria 🙂

  5. Aww so cute. It seems that the US and Canada are taking all the snow this year 🙂 What storms they are having. Jack is fascinated by snow on the very rare occasions that we have it.

    • Oh, that’s pictures from last year…we are really suffering from darkness and rain this winter. Mille and Totti both hate this warm weather too – and the rain! They just never dry up.

  6. So winter is really with you now! We had some real sizzling hot days but now that everybody has to go back home from holidays the weather is windy and lots of rain.

  7. I’m dreaming of some winter snow….even frost and ice would be good and feel more seasonal than all the rain!
    Lovely photos of your beautiful boy….they really have so much fun in the snow… dogs also gather these snow clumps on their legs…..a quick dip in warm water usually sorts it out 🙂

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