Thank you All, and for Us being here Together!

In Sara‘s blog I found this discription of blogging, taken from her blogger friend Dorann( “I have learned over time that there is a lot more to blogging than blogging.  By itself, the exercise is rewarding – that is, if you are a true loner.  Otherwise, when you begin to reach out to the blog-us-fear, you are bound to become part of a team of players.  And suddenly you find yourself not only blogging, but reading, liking, and commenting, and finally, becoming part of a team who are all enjoying constructive interaction to help you to achieve your goals.  That is what makes blogging so rewarding!”

I also want to say Thank You, from my heart, to all those who follow or read my blog, for your constant support, likes and comments are the reason I’m still here blogging!  Every week I learn new things about the world from you, everything from recipes to new words to social life to politics. I am honoured to receive awards – but my real reward is your attention and appreciation. Sometimes my own time to be supportive is far too short – but thank you for being  patient with me – know that I’m always coming back to enjoy your stories and photos !

I will not follow any rules with the awards, instead I will link to a few of the more than 200 blogs I follow and the 200 more I also read and enjoy. An impossible task – so remember you are all in my heart!

Thank you, always considerate, wise and kind Ajaytao, for A Christmas Bouquet Awards ( some of which I hadn’t heard before, but they sound beautiful)

Thank you, Italian (but writing in English and Swedish) wonderful and versatile Sara, for The Reader Appreciation Award

Thank you, globetrotter and excellent chef Viveka, for The Liebster Award

Thank you, sweet and gifted artist, Mary, for The Wonderful Team member Readership Award

Award-WonderfulTeam Member Readership

Some old friends and some (to me) new blogs I have found, read and appreciate:

The Urge To Wander – Home

Inför julen 2013 022

Thank You, and I wish you All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

33 reaktioner på ”Thank you All, and for Us being here Together!

  1. What a beautiful acknowledgement Ann Christine. Congratulations on your harvest of awards! I am touched and grateful, and feel honoured to be included in your list. Thank you so very much.

    PS: Just so you know, a pingback notification will register only when you link to a specific page, like the about or awards page. A link to someone’s home page just gets lost in cyberspace! I learnt the hard way 🙂

  2. What you write is so true. When I startd blogging I had no idea it would lead me to meet so many genuine, interesting and creative people from around the world. Im so happy to have become blog friends with you and your beautiful dogs Anne Christine. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas Xx

  3. Happy holidays(daze), dear Ann, You are a treasure and a blogger I so enjoy checking in with. Your puppies are so sweet and i only imagine how sweet is their home.

    I love how you did the awards you’ve received because I’ve got the very same problems. I don’t want to decline but don’t have time nor do i ever want to name some without naming ALL and of course, that’s impossible.

    Anyway… that bouquet is after my own heart! Happy holidays and to the New Year. xox

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I think I don’t have to say how much I love to drop in on you and your magical paintings…And about the awards…I had to think of how to do them, and I still didn’t manage to show how much I appreciate you all because it’s impossible to name everyone – just like you say. So I thought about naming some very ”old” friends and some newly found instead. Some I hadn’t mentioned before. Hopefully everybody knows me and have the same trouble – like you wrote.

      Warm hugs to you – my beloved friend – and a Happy Christmas!

  4. Thank you Ann-Christine . Your post expresses so well how many of us feel about being part of the WP family and community .
    I always look forward to a peep into your life through your photographs and words … and now … I see some new blogs that need investigating 😉

  5. Lovely post and yes, blogging is about community and learning. But as in real life, community is flexible. Sometimes we have more time for certain things than others. Merry Christmas to you!

  6. What a wonderful post … you have a heart of a poet, A-C! You can come around to my world when ever you have some time over …. blogging shouldn’t be full of MUSTS … and to following somebody – doesn’t mean we have to read everything … as you say it’s an impossible task.
    We are here when there is time … and when we feel for it.
    So thankful for that I have the opportunity to land in your world when ever I feel for it.
    Have delightful Festival time now .. together with your family!!!

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