Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights

Light and lights are essential to almost all living beings. And, the play of light is fascinating. It cathes the eye and holds our imagination alive.

My choices for this challenge about Lights are all from Spain. The first one from an early morning outside the great palace, when the sun lets its rays play with the lamp post  making us believe it’s being lit up from inside… The second photo from a gallery, is also lit up naturally by the sun.

The third photo and the fourth are both from Gaudí – The lamp from the ceiling in his house, lit up from inside as well as from the natural light through the side windows and the figure of Christ bathing in light – also from above.





65 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights

  1. Perfect exposures. Very well done. I like them all. You have a good eye. Too bad the chemtrails got in the background of your top photo, though. And thanks for stopping by my f-stop fantasy blog.

      • I know the feeling about retouching, particularly that kind of retouching. I will mess with lightness and darkness, though, if it helps bring out something in the photograph. If a telephone line goes through the middle of something I’m photographing, and I can’t get a better angle, then I will retouch that. It hasn’t happened very often. Thanks for your comment.

  2. WOW, just stunning – all of them. My favorite has to be the second from the top – have seen that in a previous post of yours. Just love how you have captured the light coming through those columns – such a fantastic shot.

  3. Första bilden: Den tunna flygstrimman på himlen och ljuset som förstärks i lyktornas glas… och så växtligheten i underkant. Ett ögonblick av klarhet, som du verkligen fångat perfekt.

  4. Absolutely lovely light. I really love it when lamps are lit up by natural light. You must have been up early to get that shot. Looks like there is a vapour trail in the morning sky too.

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