Puerto Mogan

So I returned to this Island In the Sun after 15 years. Once visited when the children were small – now back for almost only one reason – Puerto Mogan. I hope you understand why.

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  1. Wonderful colours. I always worry about returning to places that I have loved and enjoyed, in case they don’t live up to my memories. But it sounds as though your trip was very successful and the place was as beautiful as ever.

    • You are right. I have been so disappointed and sad a couple of times, that I don’t generrally want to go back…just like you say. That’s why I will never return to Nepal for example.

      My dream islands in this world are the Azores, and we went the first time before tourism knew about it. When we returned some seven years later, the main island had lost its virginity.

      The first time we went into the djungle to find the hot pools – guided to the path by some locals – which became a serene and altogether almost holy experience. Alone in this huge forest, immersed in the hot water and only looking up at the tiny hole in the canopy letting in the silent rays of sun. Surrounded only by the sounds of the deep forest and a silent waterfall.

      When we returned there was a road into the jungle with stones by its side. The pools had got stone walls and there were tourists, clothes and things everywhere. no silent sound of the waterfall or the forest itself. I cried the whole day and the aching in my heart wouldn’t stop.

      • Oh that is very sad. I sometimes wonder if it works the other way too There are places I have been to which I didn’t like and I wonder if I went again if I would be pleasantly surprised.

      • I think it could work that way too – at least it sometimes does with people, doesn’t it? Now you got me reflecting – have I experienced this in other situations? Seems this will be a pondering and reflecting Saturday morning…I think if you always try to have an open mind, these things might happen…

        It is always such a joy to reflect with you – you are a very special person, Amanda. Thank you for being You.

      • Aww, that is sweet of you. A lot of people I know really loved New Delhi. I didn’t enjoy my time there, mainly because I was sick a lot and so was my baby son. Now that so much time has passed, I do wonder if I would like New Delhi if I were to go again. But, like you, I would be hesitant to return to Nepal; too many happy memories could be shattered. Then again, I always love going to New York. I have never been disappointed with New York 🙂

  2. A-C, have you been on a break now???? I hope so – I understand why you had to
    gone back.
    Just stunningly beautiful. My favorite photo is the last one – just wonderful.

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