Where Have All The Turtles Gone?

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I first met Ingrid Yañez at Playa San Miguel Costa Rica when she was in charge of the sea turtle project for Pretoma, an organization dedicated to protecting sharks and sea turtles.   After few years later,  work took her elsewhere, but we have stayed in touch.  I sometimes lob updates to her about my sea turtle encounters, and she shares news about her efforts (with her husband Alex Gaos) in saving the rapidly-declining populations of sea turtles.  They are presently working diligently in conservation for the highly-endangered hawksbill turtles. (ICAPO)

punta culebra P1210967 streamlined turtle

Their enthusiasm is infectious about recent discoveries: ”Prior to 2007 hawksbills were thought to be essentially extinct in the eastern Pacific…they have been documented using cryptic nesting sites, often located inside estuaries, where they come ashore behind stands of mangroves to deposit their eggs.  They also use these in-land mangrove waterways to forage. ”

Eureka! Mangroves?!!! Could that have been…

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