My World In Five Colours – 2013

I have been nominated by Madhu of theurgetowander for My world in five colours  for the Capture the Colour photo competition, the 2013 edition.

The rules say that I publish a post with five original shots from my travels, that best represent the colours blue, green, yellow, white and red, on or before 9 October. I then need to tag five other bloggers and link back to Travelsupermarket on Facebook or Twitter with @travelsupermkt and #CTC13 hashtags.

So here are my five snapshots from different countries in the world:

BLUE: Floating icebergs on Iceland.


RED: Pohutukawa (” Christmas tree”), New Zealand

Nya Zeeland 1 333

YELLOW: Alley in Copenhagen, Denmark

Köpenhamn 15 juli 278

WHITE: The Pothala Palace, Lhasa Tibet

Kina och Tibet 2009 155

GREEN: Highgate Cemetery, London, England

London juni 2013 197


My nominees, with due apologies for the very short notice, are:

1. Seonaid of breathofgreenair

2. Nina of Vackrare

3. Viveka of myguiltypleasures

4. Meg of Meg Travels

5. Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?

This challenge is open to everyone – you don’t need to be nominated to take part. The deadline for submitting your entry is 9 October.

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account simply email your entry to capturethecolour[at], complete with your name, address and phone number.

Good luck to Madhu and to all my blogger friends that are taking part in this challenge!

48 reaktioner på ”My World In Five Colours – 2013

  1. A-C, love your entry photos – great choices and SooOooooOOo beautiful. I wish you good luck.
    My favorites is the yellow shot from Copenhagen and blue from Iceland.
    Thanks for passing this on to me, but I have to turn it down this time, too short notice, but I can make a post based on the subject.

  2. These are brilliant ! I was also nominated by sweet Madhu and MUST try to do this ! I keep traveling for work, feel like a gypsy !

    The iceberg photo is wondrous !!!

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