Travel theme: Play

Introduktionsdagar! Ailsas tema är Play – och vad kan passa bättre?

Now there’s only hard work to look forward to  –  school is here again! The two first days are always dedicated to getting to know each other, old students and new ones. So, playing games is only one of the things we do…

For more play and games – go to Ailsa and Where’s My Backpack?

24 reaktioner på ”Travel theme: Play

  1. Now then … I wouldn’t have minded going back to school for this ! Such an ice breaker … it’s good to laugh with others and at yourself in fun ‘play’ like this I’m sure . Breaks down lots of barriers .
    Enjoy your Autumnal term too Ann Christine !

    • Another positive thing with blogging! So we do much the same things? I could have guessed that, but interesting to hear it confirmed from you. In our school we never do anything that makes the students feel too much akward or embarrased either. It’s a thin line sometimes, but we think it’s important to play only positive games! I guess it’s the same where you live?

      • Yes; I remember these activities from when my children were at school, not so long ago, and I am fairly sure the same kind of activities take place where my brother teaches in Sydney.

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