En dag i björnbärssnåren – a blackberry day

Idag var det tid för björnbärsplockning! Något både jag och min dotter älskar. Och älskar gör vi björnbärskakan som sedan avnjuts med vaniljglass…

Today was a good day for picking blackberries! My daughter and I simply love picking them even if we get scratches and spikes everywhere. And, the cake makes it all worth while!

Recept för 4 personer –
några dl björnbär
1 1/2 dl socker
2 ägg
2 msk socker
1 dl vetemjöl
1 tsk bakpulver
saft av 1/2 citron
2 dl tjock grädde
1. Ta fram en ugnssäker form – gärna vanlig pajform – och smöra den lätt
Lägg björnbär så att det blir dubbelt lager som täcker botten (några deciliter)
Strö över socker.
2. Vispa ihop ägg och socker och blanda i vetemjöl och bakpulver.
Vispa grädden hårt och vänd ner den i smeten. Smaksätt med citron.
Häll smeten över björnbären och grädda i 200 grader i 45 min.
Serveras ljum med vaniljglass

Recipe for 4 persons

Some deciliters of blackberries

1 ½ dl sugar

2 eggs

4 teaspoons sugar

1 dl white flour

1 teaspoon baking-powder

Juice from ½ lemon

2 dl whipped cream

  1. Take out a pie tin and butter it. Let blackberries totally cover the bottom in two layers. Pour the sugar on top.
  2. Whip eggs and sugar and fill up with flour and baking-powder. Whip the cream hard and pour it down in the mixture. Add the lemon juice.

Pour this mixture over the blackberries and let it all finish in the oven, 200 degrees C , 45 minutes.

Served with vanilla ice cream

44 reaktioner på ”En dag i björnbärssnåren – a blackberry day

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  2. Beautiful and delicious. In Scotland we call these fruits brambles 🙂
    And there are two lovely new recipes to try from your post.
    We are swimming in raspberries at the moment, and I think they will also be nice in your cake recipe…..

  3. These look like wild blackberries. Are they? Does your recipe work well with other soft fruit, like raspberries or blueberries. I would like to try it but we only have frozen berries at the moment.

  4. Thank you for the recipe! We have got lots of blackberries in Germany and also in Norfolk there are sooo many at this time of the year and I’m quite eager to try your recipe now. Sounds absolutely yummy!
    Greetings from The Rhine Valley

  5. Yum! That recipe sounds delicious. While blackberries are an invasive species here in the Pacific Northwest, I do have a nice blackberry liqueur sauce recipe that is superb. I’ll have to add yours to my collection.

  6. Wonderful, I love blackberries … and tomorrow will I go over to Simrishamn and pick mine … very early this year then. There is so many this year too. I always pick them on my way from the station to mom’s. Millions of them this year.
    Love you photos – I will pick and eat them at once.

      • I hope they are ready in Simrishamn – I thought I had to go back in a couple of weeks. Loads of berries, fruit and mushrooms this year. Love it.
        And no mosquitoes – just perfect. *smile .. and I had a happy bum the whole day.
        I just found out that Andre Rieu is coming to Malmö next year in May – by accident .. so I just throw myself over the booking. Maybe you want to come along ???

      • Never heard Andre, sure you have only that you don’t.
        Dutch violinist with his own orchestra that play a lot of Strauss … 18th of May, Sunday – I have row 6 and seat 4 in the front. 740kr is the price for the ticket. A very handsome man in mature age. *smile

      • I looked him up and found his picture too…VERY handsome! 18th of May, I guess I’ll have to let that one go…my son will turn 22 and I guess he will be here at home then and not in Skövde. Can’t you just take some photos…and add some of his musik…and write a post for a middle aged admirer like me…?

      • I can understand that you don’t want to do anything when your children are at home. I will take photos and there will be a post soon with his music – I have used him before, but I can remember when … he are truly handsome … and very pleasant. Seen some of his shows on TV. His Christmas shows … Magical Wonderland.

      • A-C, I can remember what chanel that use to send it – 2 times I seen him.
        Not many Blackberries read to eat down here in Simrishamn – still very sour – another couple of days maybe. Going back home today.

      • I found, but they were neither total dried out or not ready – I ate a couple, I think by the time I come back from NYC they will be all done and over with.

      • Hopefully your butt problem will be completely solved when you sit down on the plane.I haven’t done much blogging/reading these days – busy starting up school – so I’m not updated on this!

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