Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Bekymmerslös på svenska, men fri från bekymmer låter mycket skönare. Som så ofta säger det engelska ordet mycket tydligare vad det är frågan om. Men, hur visar jag en känsla som den? Vilken eller vilka bilder kan över huvud taget visa den?

Naturligtvis ligger bilden i mig och i min kropp och själ. Det beror på min bakgrund, mitt yrke och  den kultur och geografi jag är född i. Det beror på…mycket. Jag har funderat ett tag och kommit fram till några nyckelsituationer och nyckelord. De viktigaste ingredienserna är: vår eller sommar, ledig från arbetet, öppet landskap, ljudet av vind, vatten och fåglar,  blå himmel, hög luft, mina barn och/eller mina hundar.

Carefree is this week’s challenge from WordPress. I have spent some hours thinking about –  when do I really have that feeling? And, what pictures might best show it?

To imagine this feeling I had to think about some essential ingredients. My conclusion is that they are: spring or summer, vacation, open air landscape, the sound of wind, water and birds, blue sky, crisp air, my children and/or my dogs.

Nya Zeeland Emmas kamera 258There is one place on Earth, that more than any other place makes my heart soar by merely thinking about it. One place where my feeling of freedom and being carefree never left me. New Zealand. This photo is from a lonely beach on the Coromandel peninsula. My son is walking barefoot in the sand, where his sister’s footprints still are visible. I was walking right behind them feeling the warm wind in my hair and the soft sand under my feet. A crystal clear moment of sheer happiness. Far away from all troubles, but together with my loved ones.

Favoriter 017This photo is from a day on the southeast shores of Skåne in spring 2008. Mille running wild and free in the waves and not a single other human being on the beach. Totti wasn’t born yet.  Being a water dog, Mille’s joy over the rolling waves was unstoppable. I remember shouting at him when he jumped too far out and the waves seemed to swallow him. But freedom is a great thing…We both felt its presence that day.

31 reaktioner på ”Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

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  2. I can imagine his wild unbridled joy at the motion of the rolling waves….our three cant get enough of water and will stand pleading us not to leave, even when they have had a good long play!
    Your description of carefree is beautiful.

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  5. Excellent choice …. both photos … spot on for the challenge and how you describe them – still struggling … just now with my problems I’m thinking of taking photos of medicine. *laughing …

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