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Nya Zeeland 1 302

Nya Zeeland 1 304I could just stand in awe in front of this giant. I think I stayed here, listening to the magic of birds singing and all other sounds of the forest, for a very long time. Nonmeasurable.

More about Kauris in an older post here. For more things Big – click here.

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  1. I love this, and the mythology is wonderful, reminding us of our connection with and dependence on the natural world. There is something amazing about being in the presence of an ancient tree….as though the air and earth around them are still and filled with wisdom 🙂

  2. A-C, great entry … I love you post about those trees … that you posted a while back. You should have posted the link to that post of yours with this … amazing post.

  3. They are quite incredible aren’t they!! I saw a smaller one in Coromandel, still awesomely majestic. It is so sad that they are almost all gone, thank god they stopped the logging. Hopefully in another couple of 100 years they will all be back again!

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