Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

WordPress utmaning Escape kan tolkas på många olika sätt. Snart tänker jag fly skolan för sommarlovet…Men skolan har många positiva saker man inte kan fly ifrån! Här kommer bilder från introduktionsdagar när nya ettor ska busas med och studieresor till intressanta platser i vårt land. Ingen kommer undan…Eftersom det är Naturvetenskapsprogrammet som är min hemvist, så ska ni se att inget slipper undan en naturvetares öga…

Weekly photo challenge: Escape

This calls for some positive things about my school! We travel a lot and try to give our students other views than just the class room. Every autumn we have some days of fun and games to get to know the new students. Biking ant sleeping in tents is almost a standard procedure. During the rest of the year we try to go by bus for some interesting spots, visit a university and learn other things than we get in the class room. The second year we go away for almost a week and the third year we go abroad. We have been to, among others, Budapest, Berlin, London and Madrid.

Maybe you want to escape these fun and games, but you cannot avoid them entirely. Here are some photos of introduction days and from some travels. Nothing escapes the scrutinizing eye of a science student…And, as you can see, it’s sometimes the teachers who escape for a while…

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    • Thank you, Max! But what do you mean with medieval? Is it in teaching or? It would be interesting to know more about it. When we went with a class to Madrid, we visited a school there and understood they were more short of money and the teachers had too many students in each class – about 40 in each class! That is a horrible condition to work in and I feel sorry for the students. One teacher cannot possibly have time for 40 students!

      • Yes Ann Christine. In Italy it’s the same. Too many students in each class, no money for the school and parents that have to provide for basic necessity like paper ecc… And last but not least the building, olds and decadently 😦
        There are also some excellenses, but most public school is a disaster and only the goodwill of the teachers put a piece.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that. Hopefully there will be a change! Here people were constantly complaining about resources for schools, children and the young. And finally they were listened to. But the difference between schools are considerable. I am lucky to work where I am.

        Thank you for answering!

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  13. I wish I had this kind of adventure on my school trips – great, relaxed and … fun and exhausted, Great choice for the challenge – and great shots as always.

  14. Härliga bilder, som ger mig flashbacks från min skoltid från både gymnasiet och från det som då hette sjuksköterskeskolan …
    Då jag gick den senare utb så fick vi åka till Stockholm … Och se på olika sjukhus, vilket var intressant i sig …
    MEN jag kunde för mitt liv inte förstå varför lärarna inte hade lagt in ett endaste litet besök på nåt fantastiskt museum eller på slottet …
    Till slut smet jag iväg på egen hand och strosade runt på Waldemarsudde och njöt av stillheten, vacker omgivning och en makalös konstsamling 😉 …
    Men den olydnaden borde väl vara preskriberad nu, eller ?
    // Maria

    • Yes, real life must be encouraged – I think even our youngsters, who don’t live in a big city, need to be reminded of its existence. Nowadays parents tend to not ”force” or experience anything on their children that the children do not like. I think it’s a big mistake letting them have their way all the time. They get spoiled and cannot work in society.

      • And I think you can’t decide whether you like something. or not ,if you haven’t tried it. I am sure most of your students end up loving and remembering their real life experiences.

      • That’s true. And that’s the clue for parents! Don’t give in immediately – make the young person at least try. People will be much more openminded and will want to try new things once they have started.

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