22 reaktioner på ”Min magnifika magnolia

  1. I love magnolia’s and yours are just beautiful! Can’t wait for our buds to start opening – getting close, perhaps by weeks’ end.

  2. Magnolia – I have two strong memories … with – my grandma’s tree … and many years ago when I visit Boston in April – some of the streets are lined with Magnolia trees, one of the most beautiful sight I seen.
    Love your photo.

    • Some things, flowers for example, always bring out memories. Those streets in Boston must have been wonderful to walk.

      I remember the giant magnolias from my years in Lund. Beautiful. Mine is not the gigantic sort – cannot have it in my garden because I have so many other trees.

  3. Wow that’s a beautiful photo of a magnolia. I know how hard it is to capture flowers up in a tree against the bright sky!
    I also noticed that you’re calling yourself ”Leya”. Is that your name?

    • Thank you Rosie! Leya, well I got a bit discouraged because someone thought lagottocattleya was too long a name. I decided to only used the ending…that’s a bit easier I hope.

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