Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds of a Feather

Veckans utmaning i onlinemagasinet LetsbeWild är fåglar. Då finns det bara en enda som jag tänker på – den magnifika gladan jag fann för någon vecka sedan. Tyvärr klarade han sig inte, trots viltvårdarens omsorger, men jag tänker på honom ännu. Han var så otroligt vacker.

When this week’s challenge from LetsbeWild was Birds of a Feather, there was no doubt about my choice of picture – the kite. About a week ago I found this beautiful bird of prey in the woods, severely injured – but alive. He had been lying on the ground under a mossy stump – for maybe 24 hours or more, according to the game keeper to whom I handed him over.

Unfortunately they could not save him. There was something wrong with his left wing – not broken, but not fit to fly with. The day after I left him he ate some chicken though and I still thought he might make it. But, sadly enough they had to let him go, to soar in another and hopefully better world. I know he will be just as magnificent as he is in this picture, sitting in the hands of the game keeper.

Gladan 027

18 comments on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds of a Feather

  1. Oh, I did not see the text. I am sorry for the rather silly comment. Thank to the comment above me that mentioned about ”desperation to live”. Sigh… Apologies. 🙂

  2. How sad … I was so sure he would make it .. because he recovered so well.
    But life is cruel at time .. for us all. Your photo here is so stunning, he was a truly beautiful bird. At least he are not in pain anymore, but what a lost.

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