Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Jag åkte söderut för att leta vårtecken…och det här är vad jag fann! Dessutom hörde jag lärkan, som väl lurats hit av de 10-12 plusgrader vi hade i veckan. Tyvärr lär hon inte klara av nästa veckas snöstorm och minusgrader (- om SMHI får rätt). Det dröjer innan våren är här. Man får njuta av dessa soliga stunder, som idag!

I went about 100 kilometres south of my home town – in search for Spring. Not only because Spring is this week’s challenge for the online magazine LetsBeWild, but because I really want to find some signs of its arrival. This winter has been a long and tough one, and unfortunately we are expecting hard winds, -18 C and another 20-30 centimetres of snow next week.

So, these are my findings from Lund and from places more close to home…I also heard the lark singing! Poor lark next week, though, as they nest on the ground she will most certainly freeze to death. Migrating birds are often fooled by temperatures here of up to +10 C, and venture over the sea. Sometimes they are lucky, but obviously not this time.


25 comments on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. Season is changing here to autumn. We were declared a drought stricken part already for more than a week.Last night he rain came pouring down. I am so glad because it really did not look good. We could not waste any water by watering gardens
    We even did not have much water left only for about 20 days for the region. The river where we get water from was flooding this afternoon!

    • Oh, he’s a gentleman of sorts all right. Understands almost everything I say and has a vocabulary of more than 120 words and phrases. Totti is not there yet, but that’s what happens when you have two dogs. A bit like children too…the younger one listens more to the ”siblings” than to the ”parents”. And…of course there will be Spring here too!

  2. Underbara bilder av en vår som börjar glänta på dörren … Mille är vackrast som vanligt men den sista bilden var inte dum den heller ! // Maria

  3. So far only the streets are free of snow here… We still have a while before spring arrives, although the days are stretching nicely and there is bird song in the mornings – that’s also a sure sign of spring!

  4. I love the busy bird footprint shot, and Mille looks so happy in his warm sunspot 🙂 It sounds hard to have to endure such a long cold winter….I know I’m beginning to long for some colour and warmth….but here it’s already 2 degrees and although snow was falling this morning it didn’t lie long on the ground 🙂

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