Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Black and White

Jag älskar kyrkogårdar och gamla ruiner, så när temat för onlinetidningen LetsBeWild den här gången var Svart och Vitt – då var mina bilder givna. Scarborough med Bram Stokers Whitby som kuliss för greve Dracula och Haworth med den fantastiskt vackra kyrkogården intill den prästgård där systrarna Brontë växte upp. Här står de vittrade gravstenar som kantade Lucys nattliga vandringar och här slingrar de stigar som andades av Cathys och Heathcliffs förtärande kärlek. Vandra med mig i Bram Stokers och Emily Brontës fotspår!

I love to visit churches, ruins and old graveyards, so when the theme from LetsBeWild this week was Black and White there was no doubt where I would go…to Scarborough in England. Haworth and the parsonage, where the famous Brontë sisters lived, and Whitby with its Dracula setting from Bram Stokers legendary novel. My photos were not in black and white from the start, but it was allowed to change them for the challenge. So, walk with me in the footsteps of Stoker and the Brontës!

Scarborough 8 177 Scarborough 8 179

Here in Whitby Bram Stoker found a setting worthy of count Dracula, and in this graveyard Lucy was sleepwalking and sitting in the night on one of the benches high above the sea.

Scarborough 5 030

Scarborough 6 017

Scarborough 6 013

Scarborough 6 018

Scarborough 6 014

The Brontë parsonage with its beautiful graveyard… I could feel the prescence of Cathy and Heathcliff – their consuming love for ever alive in Emily Brontës masterpiece Wuthering Heights.

29 reaktioner på ”Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Black and White

  1. Such atmospheric photos…you can feel the drama oozing out of the stones. It’s no wonder so many creative authers were inspired here. I can’t even choose a favorite as they are all so good 🙂

    • Dramatic they are…A friend of mine sent me an article showing that parts of the graveyard in Whitby had fallen down on the little harbour this winter. I think it was due to heavy raining. Not so nice because there were bones from the graves falling down and lying on the beach.

      • Wow, drama indeed. Some of these old graveyards are so full of bones that they are constantly popping up through the soil. I remember finding a very nice example of a finger bone lying ontop of a mole hill 🙂

  2. Extremely dramatic photos … and very sad, even if I personal find graveyards very relaxing and they make time stand still. Like that. Love Wuthering Heights – read it and watch a couple of films. Fantastic photos.

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