Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

Att vandra är en stor passion och har så varit hela livet för mig. Jag är uppvuxen vid randen av skogen, och dess stigar och träd är nära och kära för mig. Vad väcker din vandringslust? frågar LetsBeWild i sin onlinetidning. För mig är det självklart: Alla stigar och vägar som vindlande försvinner bort i fjärran eller in i okänt land. De får gärna ha gräs i mitten… Oemotståndligt lockande är de – både på bild och i verkligheten.

”The term wanderlust originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire). The term wandern, frequently misused as a false friend, does in fact not mean ”to wander”, but ”to hike.” Placing the two words together, translated: ”enjoyment of hiking”, although it is commonly described as an enjoyment of strolling, roaming about or wandering.” This is Wikipedia’s explanation to wanderlust – which is the challenge for this week from the online magazine LetsBeWild.

Wanderlust, then, gets me when I see a path or a road – winding, flat or tricky – and I don’t know what will happen around the bend, where it is heading…I just want to follow it to find out…

Barcelona och Pyrenéerna 2011 035

It can be a path full of old, beautiful  roots making the hiking treacherous


– or it could be a dangerous adventure where I might lose a leg or two if I’m unlucky…


It could also be a stump of a road in the middle of a beautiful nowhere…


…or a narrow  foot-bridge disappearing into the rainforest.

Kina och tågresan till Tibet 2009 386

Wanderlust has got many faces, I guess, depending on who you are…but for me, the long and winding road is essential as a trigger.

14 reaktioner på ”Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

  1. Wonderful gallery again …. my favorite is without doubt that step .. and mostly because of the wonderful colors and shades in the photo. I love to walk too .. but since my feet got numb after my chemo treatment I struggle … but I walk so much as I can. Just love it.
    Before the cancer I could walk for 5-8 hours per day if I visit a new place. Now is it more down to 3-5 hours and a change of shoes.

  2. I agree with you about hiking ! Nothing can get med such joy, as when i`m going in to a forrest, especially the ones i grew up with…. or a new place to discover ….
    I love your photos for this challenge!! // Maria

  3. This is so funny….I just posted on the roots of my wanderlust 🙂 love your take on the theme and your lovely winding roads:-) will now go back and try to link my post to this challenge 🙂

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