WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Hem – hur vill du beskriva det? Det är inte alls dumt med WordPress utmaningar, för du tvingas tänka efter vad du egentligen lägger in i vissa begrepp som du annars inte funderar så mycket över. Du bara tar deras innebörd för given, för självklar. Mina bildval visar en trygg plats för lugn och avkoppling, en plats där livet har ett långsammare tempo och där min familj och mina vänner kan vara sig själva – i all enkelhet. En plats att längta till, som är utan biltrafik och som innehåller vilda blommor, vita spetsgardiner och sommar.

From WordPress the challenge is Home. This simple word means so much to us all. For me,  only positive thoughts. Mostly about my childhood, but also about all the places in the world where I have had a distinct feeling of being at home.

To choose something that sums it up – something that gives me that soft and safe feeling of complete rest and peace must be our summer home. Here I am at peace with myself. My family is here, much laughter and joy, good food and games to play. It’s calm, quiet and a tiny world of old things from days gone by. The sea and the gulls is all I hear when I wake up in the mornings.

47 reaktioner på ”WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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  4. Utrolig fint galleri!
    It looks so cosy, peaceful, loving, inviting. Yes, I feel at home here! Thanks for sharing.
    have a lovely time, stay happy.
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley

  5. I say as IKEA says – Home is the best place on earth. Love your gallery that is very close to home. The window photo – outside in …. has all my votes.

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  9. You seems to have a very lovely home . And the photos really send out a feeling that is appeasement …
    As usually i love your photos of your ”curlys” …
    And the window with the white curtain …. Love it ! // Maria

    • Thank you, Maria – it’s our summer cottage, really. That’s where I rest and find peace and relaxation from the busy world… Everything is tiny and without big electronic devices. Hard to reach by phone too, and that’s the way I want it…

  10. These are gorgeous pictures of your home. Especially the last one, its also meaningful. Home is where the whole family eats together at meal times. In our home that doesn’t happen very often especially when there’s teenagers which is sad.

    • Thanks, Yes, it’s easier to stay together in the summer when we all have vacations! And it’s important. I tried to show relaxation from Mille and Totti…they also love this place in summer.

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