Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now!

Now är temat för den här gången i LetsBeWild. Det betyder att man ska gå ut och ta ett foto just Nu och inte använda arkiven. Vädret hos oss i södra Sverige är inte så roligt idag, men något hundpromenadsfoto kan det bli…eller hur vi alla, små och stora, kurar i den bleka solen i väntan på våren. 15-20 minus har temperaturen varit varje natt ett tag, och vi längtar alla…

The theme for this challenge is pretty simple – Now! While all our other challenges have allowed you to go back through your archives and select the most appropriate photos, this challenge theme is all about heading outside this week & taking photos! After all, LetsBeWild.com is all about getting people outside and enjoying the great outdoors….so what better time than now?

Here in the southern part of Sweden, the temperature has reached around 15-20 degrees C below zero every night now. The colours are all brown and white, sometimes with a tinge of green. There is not much snow right now, so the small creatures who don’t hibernate – and some maybe need to hide from the cold under that white cover – they all have a tough time. There is still more than one month of winter left.

We are all waiting, enjoying the rare rays of sunshine…

På väg våren 2013 057

På väg våren 2013 055

På väg igen 2013 001

15 reaktioner på ”Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now!

  1. I can see that you have snow in Skåne . Here in Östersund it`s -17 … Yarri think that this weather is to cold to take long walks in ….
    He has operated a spot on his stomach, so now we have to wait 14 days untill the vet give us a call …. And tell us what it was, and i do hope that thing was benign spot…
    As always, lovely photos! I liked the photo of what i think is a tree trunk .
    // Maria

  2. Down here in Simrishamn is it blistery cold and the wind is .. just lashing – it was a bit of sunshine in the morning. Lovely photos again. Love the one with the birds .. all fluffed up.

    • Yes, fortunately they can do this fluffy thing to keep warm. They sit absolutely still to absorb the little sun there is, and now and then they fly to the feeding table and back to sit in the bushes again. Lucky us with a warm house to return to.

      • We’re on day two of a break from the rains, and the skies are cloudy, the wind is like a perfect tonic – just cool and dry enough to be refreshing! ahhhh, it’s times like now that i cherish where i live! thankfully i have people like you to send lovely images of the colder weather! stay warm in your sweet nest! z

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