Tack och God Jul! – Thank you – and Merry Christmas!

Det går raskt mot jul nu, och jag sänder en hälsning och en önskan om en riktigt God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År till er alla! Tack för alla härliga kommentarer och för att vi har roligt tillsammans i den här bloggvärlden!

This autumn I was convinced by a fellow blogger, Ninano (Jag gör världen vackrare), that I should try the WordPress Challenges. So, I tried. And found a whole new world of gifted, talented and thinking bloggers who all supported each other. It was not at all what I had expected – it was better!

After a month or so, I was nominated for the Adventurous Blogger Award by The Retiring Sort – a gentle and fantastic woman writing a beautiful and thoughtful blog. Christmas storming ahead, and I recieved another nomination by Playamart – Zeebra Designs, this time for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Talking about beautiful, this woman is a brilliant designer and photographer, living in Equador, South America. Shortly after that, I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the gifted Coreen, whose photography and portraits are so precise and accurate that you must really visit and enjoy! By then I was feeling so overwhelmed and so thankful and grateful that these three lovely women – whom I do not really know at all – had been thinking of Me as a nominee! I was also beginning to feel that I could never make it up to all these ”nominators” – not a chance…

My newly found joy – Rarasaur – then sent me a nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. She, herself, is a true sunshine and is blogging along so often, that it’s impossible to even keep up reading! But if you want some fun while you’re constantly learning new things – go read!

Just some days ago, while I was planning my last lessons for this year, came along a nomination I had never even thought about, the Blog of the Year 2012. This nomination was, again, sent from the beautiful Retiring Sort.

Time is really something to be considered here. A stressful job and wanting to show my gratitude properly was no good combination. But, I have never been good at dealing with stress even if I have improved in those skills in later years… And, if I were to work out a list with all the blogs I follow, it still would not be a ”truthful” one, because I read and enjoy many more fantastic blogs – it’s just that I cannot follow you all on my e-mail! My mailbox would explode…

I’m not much for games, but I do believe in saying thank you, trying to convey to you all how grateful I am for your nominations, for your ”likes” and for your inspiring and thoughtful comments – which is what keeps me going. I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to All of you in this great community of bloggers: if you be photographers, designers, painters, dreamers, philosophers, writers… – we are all travellers on this Planet Earth together. We share dreams and experiences, we support each other, inspire and learn from each other. And we Enjoy! So, to Everyone of you, my heartfelt Thank You!

Merry Christmas from your

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13 reaktioner på ”Tack och God Jul! – Thank you – and Merry Christmas!

  1. And now yoy`ll receive my comment in english ;), even though i´m not so god at it as yoy are.
    First of all, thank you for introducing me to the blog world… and wordpress.
    I`ve never regretted that i started my blog. It`s a new world for me but i am glad that i can be a part of it…..
    And thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures and your wise thoughts, with us followers.

    Me and Yarri was lucky to find you and your precious Mille and Totti at the dogsite.
    I have a feeling that you and i share a lot more than just our big interest for our dogs. And i do hope that you can come visit med up here in Jämtland…
    The landscape of big forest, lakes, beautiful mountains.

    So Merry Christmas to you, Mille, Totti and the rest of your family !

    // Maria and of course from me to.. Yarri

  2. Congratulations to you, Ann Christine. These awards are so well deserved. btw My mailbox has already exploded over the past few days whilst I’ve been preoccupied with Christmas things, packing, and now travelling. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you. xx

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