Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

Att fly behöver inte betyda det man kanske först tänker på att fly från – en påtaglig, fysisk fara. För mig är det snarast att fly samhället, alla måsten och bördor som tynger en. Hur ska jag kunna illustrera detta i bilder? Efter en ganska lång funderare blev det här min lösning! Hur ser din ut?

For me, escaping is associated with escaping society. To just get away from everything and leave all troubles behind. Every ”must” you ever saw has to be wiped out of your mind.

I have tried, with these five photos, to find out what I really do to escape – or at least to try to escape ….

Maybe the easiest way to escape – to fly far away and leave things behind, physically as well as mentally
Music, concerts offer a great escape! At least for the moment. This is Kamelot and its brilliant singer, Roy Khan.
Great art and architecture as well – here Joan Miró
Playing all sorts of games is a kind of escape from reality. It doesn´t have to be computer games…
But, most of all – at least for me – nature itself. Hiking, tramping or whatever you call it. It frees your mind and body and gives you – the total escape.

17 comments on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

  1. […] “Maybe the easiest way to escape – to fly far away and leave things behind, physically as well as mentally” – We loved Ann-Christine’s beautiful shot taken out the window of an airplane, high above the clouds. 100 years ago, traveling to the other side of the world and leaving all your troubles behind meant weeks or even months of travel – now we’re able to escape in a matter of hours! Visit her winning entry here. […]

  2. Hej !
    Jäffefina bilder och det är bara att hålla med dig om att få förmånen att kunna vistas ute i naturen är den bästa ”flykten” av alla.
    Kan nämna att det snöar rätt rejält häruppe…..

    • Ah…snart ar det dags for oss…Ni har i alla fall formonen att det ligger vackert kvar sen! Har brukar det bli kallt, halt, ratt och slaskigt med en gang. Jag ska ga in och lasa mer hos dig nar jag kommer hem! Harifran ar det svarare nar fler vill ha datorn!

      • The Andes are wonderful – I could stand the cold…but that was in the 80´s, and I found it easier when I was younger! I´m freezing cold here in Madrid this week with only 10-15 degrees C. But it´s a beautiful city and today we´re leaving for Segovia – one of my favourites. Hope you will get warmer soon!

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