Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Flera av dessa bilder kan jag säkert ha publicerat tidigare,  men några är nog nya. WordPress foto-utmaning ger många nya kontakter och det är fantastiskt intressant att se hur människor i olika delar av världen tolkar samma tema!

This is my entry for the  Weekly Photo Challenge Solitary

Solitary is a word of many interpretations. Here are some of mine, ranging from north to south, east to west, including not only people or animals, but other connotations worth mentioning. As you understand, this was a difficult task, but a wonderful way of making me remember things and places I have seen or visited. Hope you want to come visiting again with me:

Quietly floating ice in a glacier pool – Iceland

Mille by a mountain lake, Norway

Svartisen glacier, Norway. My family.

Man standing in delta landscape. Photo shot from train, two minutes before arriving in Lhasa, Tibet.

The Potala palace seen from my window, Lhasa, Tibet.

Old monk leaving a sacrificial white silk shawl on the Dalai Lama throne, Tibet.

By The Holy Lake. Interior of Tibet.

Forgotten and deserted graveyard, Auckland, New Zeeland. Most stones were broken or lying down in the dusk. Many a name was followed by a story from the violent 19th century. Strange finding a single red rose.

Te Matua Ngahere – Father of the forest, New Zeeland, North Island. Girth 16,41 m. Trunk volume 208,1 m. Total height 29,9 m. Trunk height 10,21 m. Kauri trees are among the biggest trees in the world, and they are endemic to NZ.

Morning concert! Thrush sitting outside my window, Lake Taupo, New Zeeland. North Island.

Solitary island of The Pancake cliffs off the west coast of New Zeeland, South Island.

Man, reading and talking to his canary bird. Viela, The Pyrenees, Spain.

Resting by a mountain lake, The Pyrenees, Spain.

Graveyard where members of the Bronte family are buried. Yorkshire, England.

The long, winding road up to Top Withens, where the remains of the farm said to have inspired Emily Bronte´s ” Wuthering Heights” still stand. Yorkshire, England.

One of the last summer sunsets. Our summer house, Sweden.

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    • Good idea! Thank you – I think I´ll have a go at it. Is this for the whole week now then? We´re celebrating two birthdays, so it´ll have to wate for some days. Nice blog you have got and a wonderful theme too!

      • Yes, I post a new challenge each Friday, so you have all the way through to Thursday to join in. Have fun with your birthdays! Looking forward to your post! xxx

    • Tack! Rart sagt!

      Ibland blir det bra och ibland blir det mindre bra…Det här är en kul utmaning och det gör väl att man letar upp bara guldkornen. Mannen i fönstret rökte på sin stackars fågel, men pratade mycket till den. Min spanska är ju inte vad den har varit – jag läste bara några terminer på gymnasiet – men jag förstår en del. Då är det värre att våga prata. Men jag har förstått att du är gott på väg!

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