Hard work

After some tough work in the first part of the day, we were rewarded with a visit to Whitby. Whitby Abbey was built during the early 13th century, but the first monastery was founded here almost 600 years earlier. Henry VIII had a dispute with the Pope and Whitby Abbey was one of the church buildings that was destroyed by the king.

Today there was staged a fight between vikings and Anglo-Saxons, and we all enjoyed the imposing ruins, the eager fighters and the beautiful horses.

Needless to say, the Anglo-Saxons won. But the children watching all cheered for the vikings!



Not only swords were popular…

Participants – and spectators

The speaker was a magician – really. He unfolded the story and made us feel the atmosphere; the fear, the sweat and the blood. He kept us in awe listening to the fighters´bravery and understanding the question: If… what would you do? Understanding fear, life, war and defense – and how you could be forced to stand up for your family and for your country.

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