The last dragonfly

Soon the colours will be here… but I’m sending you some late summer pictures from last weekend. I just have to.

We went back to our summer house for two days  to visit an old friend. He now had to sell his house because he is too old and weak to keep it up.  No relatives at all to take care of it – or him. This kind man has been here, walking our grounds, and often offering ice creams and his selfmade cakes, ever since I first came here in 1975. He’s seen our children grow up and he’s been more or less an institution here. No summer without Torsten.

This summer he did not show up. We had seen it coming, but no one wants a summer to be the very last one. His sister, Elisabeth, who is old and fragile too, told us he couldn’t manage visitors…he was too ill to leave his bed. We offered him a car ride to come out to us, but no.

And I walked where he used to walk, and I saw the lonely houses and the last, fragile flowers.

I walked by the sea and went to see my other old friends…the dogs and the horses…

Through the woods back home again…in thoughts.

…and then the dragonflies came. We watched them together, Totti and me.

Crouching, keeping their slender bodies close to the warm stones,  catching the last warming rays of the setting sun. And their wings shone like golden gems.


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

When the thin rays no longer could reach us, we passed the gate to go down to the shore, Totti and I. He knows me so well. And I’m so grateful to have known you, Torsten.

Weekly Travel Theme: Inviting

Few things feel as inviting to me as this old veranda, these delicate flowers and the two open doors…And this place is no more. Maybe that is why.

Få ställen känner jag som så inbjudande som denna veranda, den skira blomsterprakten och de öppna dörrarna. Och allt detta finns inte mer. Blommorna är borta och så är verandan. Kanske därför känns det så.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Night time

Night time from WordPress – strikes me as maybe my favourite time in urban areas. Mild air, not that many people, no rush…

Transporting? When I started choosing photos I saw they were about walkers, railroads, boats and cars. But they are all standing still, not moving, frozen. No adrenal ferocity. I can feel the smoothness in the air – not a wind. I hope you can feel it too.

Natt – kanske den skönaste tiden i storstäder. Ljumt i luften, inte den där dagliga stressen där blodet pumpar och adrenalitet stiger. När jag ser på de bilder jag valt, ser jag transport, men rörelse i stillastående. Fotgängare, tåg och räls, båtar och bilar. Alla står de stilla i den sammetsmjuka natten – inte en vind. Hoppas du också kan känna det.


For more strangers in the night…click here.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Blue

The colour blue for Cee’s challenge - what do we think of more than the sky and the sea? To me those two represent Blue.

In the first photo is the dark blue sky with ”fireflies” from spring, and in the second one – the light shimmering , glittering sea of this autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance, and Travel theme: Strong

This week I am in for combining two challenges, the WPC and Ailsa’s Travel theme. I just could not resist this…

Of course it has to be a tree…enduring hundreds of years, every season’s challenges – rain, heat, draught, storm, frost, snow – still standing tall and strong. In Sweden no other tree but the giant old oak trees measure up to this concept.

From the Nature Reserve in Gö, Blekinge, here he is – as usual, click to enlarge. Love him!

Uglies or Beauties?

A walk in a Blekinge forest with Totti – and I found quite some junk among the trees. Do I only see ugliness in these things…or maybe there is something more to them? I don’t like things being thrown out into nature like this, but this morning I decided to find some beauty in them instead. Just to not be the usual angry and disappointed one…And, it worked for me. Does it work for you as well?

So, cold winds are blowing…

So, the election for governement is accomplished and finished this Sunday. And the outcome is … not very positive for solidarity and empathy. Everyone expected there to be a new governement of course, and that the Social Democrats would win. No big surprise. The disturbing fact is that the extreme right wing/foreigner hostile party SD (Sweden Democrats) got so many votes. We were afraid this would happen as we had a touch of that for the EU election this spring. And when I say ”we”, I mean me and my friends and collegues – all the people I know, really.

Good rethoric and people not finding any other good alternatives…wanting changes…the other parties too much saying the same things…

I work with the elections every time we have them, and has done so for about thirty years. Not for any party, but helping with the democratic voting process. Now, this SD party has a stronghold in the southern parts of Sweden – in fact close to where I live. Only some 50 kilometres from here they got 27% of the votes. In my little village, the percentage was about 20…So, every fifth person might be an SD-voter! Their faces do not say, their mouths do not speak of this…I look at people I meet in the street and think…Who are you? Really?

There is something growing here in Sweden as well as everywhere in the western world …a cold wind blowing. It frightens me. Together we must stand up against those forces. They must never win.