My most precious visit


Scotland – a country of magical history and beauty of nature. But, what I was mostly looking forward to on my trip this summer was the chance to meet Seonaid of breathofgreenair. She is one of the bloggers on WordPress who I first followed. Amazing photography and a mindful poet in soul and words. Her posts speak directly to my heart.

Seonaid’s family consists of two other people, husband and son, and three ladies – bearded collies – and two distinguished cats. I will not reveal their names…as I would like you to visit her blog and find out yourselves…you will not regret it!

This was a magic evening. We met and talked, walked in her evening garden, and she and her husband had cooked a delicious dinner, which we enjoyed at their beautiful home.

Sitting under the parasol in the lovely garden, watching the ladies play and the Bengal sunning himself in the last rays…life was good. As good as it can be when you are happy.

I had to promise the ladies that I would only use photos showing them at their most advantageous angles…and I think I have kept my promise. They were not that easy to photograph – only Seonaid can master that…

Another promise is to come back to Scotland again – soon. I want to thank you again, Seonaid, and your lovely family, for taking the trouble of having us that evening! For me, this will be a precious memory, and my dream is still that we will have the opportunity of a walk together on the beach or in the forest where you usually walk with pleasure. I would love that.

My love to you all, and to the long haired  ladies who all remind me of my Amanda – a beardie I once owned, and who will never be forgotten.

Travel Theme: Edge

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? is now inviting us all to the theme Edge. These two guys and the lonely man on the pier are all standing…very close to the water. On the edge. I’m not too fond of standing on the edge when it comes to heights – I would rather stand a comfortable metre or two behind…


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Roads

Cee has once again brought up a wonderful theme – Roads. Here are some of my favourites.

Somewhere in the middle of Sweden – about 25 C below zero.

Early this summer. A soft evening of about 20 C. One of my favourite roads.

Yesterday, August,  on the same road.

Autumn will soon be here. Beautiful but sad. The photo from southern Norway.