Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Green

The colour Green for Cee – I must choose spring in Sweden, because that’s my first association to the word Green. When the beeches’ leaves are at their freshest, a walk in the forest is pure joy! They flutter in the wind and when the sun shines through their fragile softness – my heart sings.

From Scotland is my next green friend. In the lovely garden I visited in Aberdeen, this giant cactus spreads its ”wings” like a ball.

And as the last green friend of mine here – moss and lichen on a bubbly, bouldery ground in the nature reserve in Kivik, Sweden.

Gdansk, Saint Bridget and Sopot

On our way to the railwaystation, we just had to visit the Church of Saint Bridget (Swedish Sankta Birgitta). Maybe it doesn’t look much from the outside – but inside – you are filled with awe.

Destroyed, rebuilt and restored – this church is, and since the 1980’s associated with the Solidarity Movement.

The silence and the crystal air was fascinating. The windows the only source of light in here. But that is enough.

Everything serene, and the altarpiece is planned to have only pure amber in its decorations. Together with red, white and silver, this golden amber art had me standing in total silence and contemplation, head uplifted, for at least 30 minutes.

Walking towards the railway station, autumn showed its true colours.

And then – Sopot next. The summer city of Poland with 40 000 inhabitants. An old health resort with the, always terrible, water which should be good for you…

By train back to Gdynia again – a soft and lovely evening. We found our Stena Line ferry, heading for Karlskrona.

This was an amazing and unexpected adventure – close to home, but with totally unexpected outcome. To be recommended!

Gdansk Part II: The Waterfront and Mariacka

Sun, sun, and we walked along the Waterfront towards the Big Crane, built 1444. In the Middle Ages this was the biggest crane in Europe. It was used for loading and unloading ships, and also for masting the big sailing-ships.

Flowers and amber salesmen were everywhere, and we enjoyed the sailing-ships and the sun.

The beautiful old building on the other side is the Maritime Museum.

Through the Maria Gate we reached the most genuine medieval street  – Mariacka. It felt totally genuine despite the renovation.

Here the houses are lower  with terrasses out to the street and old gargoyles looking at you as you are passing by. A night here might be a bit scary…

Shops and galleries everywhere – mostly selling clothes and amber jewellery…but what about this one with canons?


On leaving Mariacka, we met these beauties. A friend of mine used to have this breed, also two of them. Bedlington terriers.

Keeping the beauty!

Newer gargoyles – but just as special and intriguing.

The Maria Church and the Royal Chapel- a total breach of style…The Maria Church is the biggest gothic brick-church in the world. They say it takes 25000 people.

And then the Covered Market, originally built in 1896. A skeleton of steel and on the bottom old excavations. Also a brick building, and outside, a lovely market where we bought delicious plums.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This time the challenge is ”Refraction” and what that means to me. When I was a child this was enigmatic – and I think it still is. Even if I understand the phenomenon, it’s still great to see it – every time. Even in the smallest formate – not to talk about rainbows…

Autumn Dew

I’s raining. Not much sun these days, so when it doesn’t rain – we go out. Totti is not much of a man for wet weather…open the door, he sticks his pretty little nose out, turns around and snuggles up in his bed. ”I can wait…”

Whe we do go out, the air is dewy soft and trees and grasses are all in pearls. In the forest, there is a dim light between the trees.

In the open, there are many different spiders and many different webs – depending on where they live and what they want to catch.

Maybe the wheel spiders are the ones we love the best – or at least those are the ones we firs recognize.

Everywhere on everything growing, you will find them. Pearls, necklaces, ethereal. When the sun shines through, they are almost lost to the eye…

…especially in the grass on the ground. But now – they are visible, beautifully intricate. And many!

From a different angle we can see how thickly woven and how close (3-4 cm ) to the ground. It must be quite impossible for a moth or a fly to get detangled from this…

On our way back, the sun finally came out and the misty dew lifted – no more spider’s web to be seen! Instead the few autumn colours shone – the spindle-tree being one of my favourites.

And back home again – my last garden flowers this year. Glorious in the sun.