Köge – in FotoSketcher


I have been using FotoSketcher on these two from Köge, and I wonder what you think about them? I want to thank Lynne Ayers at Beyond the Brush for inspiring, and giving facts about the program. I enjoy using this immensely. There is much to experiment with.

Lastly – two orchids I got from a young man who graduated in June this year. They still stand here in my home, in the same place. The big phalaenopsis hasn’t lost a single flower!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

WPC this week is about silhouettes - so, I’ve picked up a series from Gran Canaria. This was a velvet evening walking on the beach on our way home. A couple was standing there, when a ship with partying people came sailing.

Watch the postures of the two on the beach while the ship is passing…


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