Mushroom magic

My mother and I like to walk, and every year we visit Vedema, only some miles from where I live. This area is perfect  for hikers and others who want to enjoy the outdoors. Follow me and Totti on a day out with my mother, looking for this autumn’s lovely mushrooms! Indeed they are all wonders, and all different ones…


After a couple of hours – and a beautiful couple of gigantic red toadstools, we met a young lady called Bella – and Totti fell totally in love…For some 15 minutes we were all in the middle of ”The Fast and the Furious”.

Walking back again after some coffee and buns, we felt we’d had a refreshing day.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings

Buildings can be serene and beautiful too – not only functional. I have chosen the glass building covering an old cathedral in Norway, and a tree building for birdwatching in Sweden. Both are new, but somehow naturally fit into their environment.

For Cee’s challenge – Buildings - Hamar, Norway, the Cathedral ruin totally under glass cover.

The bird watching centre – Hornborgasjön, Sweden.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Humanity is the WP challenge – what first comes to my mind is all human beings collectively – the human race. Then the human nature – what does it mean, being human?


Secondly, there’s the quality of being humane – kindness and benevolence. Tolerance.


So…I’ve been playing around again…

As I’m having wonderful students this year – too – I’m rather busy with my big classes! I try to blog, and try to read as many blogs as I can as often as I can …Thursday evenings though, there are usually some hours free – and today I have been trying Fotosketcher again. A way to relax before the Big Day. There’s the Big Election coming up here in Sweden this Sunday, and as I’m responsible for the election held in my area, I will be very busy that day. Fun, but a lot of responsibility. I have been doing this since the 1980’s. This year I guess everyone expects there to be a totally new government on Monday morning.

Now to my pictures…which one turned out the best? Technically? Colours? Your preferences? The flower and the beach are from Blekinge, Sweden. The building is the Edinburgh Parliament and the cat – was watching me from a window at Greyfriar’s, Edinburgh.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

The WordPress challenge this week is about adventure. The greatest adventure is Life, the life we have been given. We don’t know anything about what’s waiting just around the corner…we only know that we all are going to die one day. This is what we all have in common.

My greatest adventure then, is following my children grow up and helping them discover the world, themselves and their special gifts and possibilities.

My daughter, my eldest child, is now turning 24. Even if she has travelled with us to many places in the world, her greatest adventure was living and working with nature issues in New Zealand. She stayed for two months, learned many important things, and was a different person when she came back home.


My son has not yet been working abroad, but here he is hiking the Azoric island of Flores. A great adventure for us all.

So…following the two of them along their different paths…

…on their adventures – is my great adventure. And the thing is, that you never know what’s waiting around the corner. What is prepared just for you? Surely an adventure worth entering upon!